the name is Rose Ariane Pearl Precedinis Lope ;) not witty/wise/stupid just a mature immature kid B] ; Taking up Mass Communication in COLLEGE :) Ah.. yes my ultimate goal. To be a professional Photographer, Director, Editor, Producer, Actor, and anything that is related to Media, Movies, Entertainment. My family and friends are my inspiration, GOD is my life. Music defies me. Love is Love. but in the mean time i'll be this amateur immature girl with big small dreams (",)


Why am I doing this to my life //cries.


Why am I doing this to my life //cries.

Anime recommendations / list of anime series

Anime recommendations / list of anime series


Hey peeps!

Having trouble what anime to watch next?

below is a screenshot of the recent Anime shows that I watched pr currently watching! enjoy!

*those without symbols, i havent finished or started watching :)

Anime/Manga List 2014
1. Brothers conflict ♥♥

2. Monochrome factor

3. Diabolic lovers ♥♥ vmprs

4. Miracle train2⃣

5. Angel Beats ! ♥♥♥ the love

6. Beloved love angelique 1 & 2 ♥♥♥


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Anime Ending Song # 2 from No Game No Life

Anime Ending Song # 2 from No Game No Life


Shiro and Sora

No Game No Life

Siblings Sora and Shiro are inseparable, both in the real world and in the game world. Their individual skills combined make them an invincible team: Sora, with his astute intuition and penetrating insight; and Shiro, with her remarkable intellect that goes beyond prodigy-level genius. In the real world, they are hikikomori, reclusive and unsocial, but in the game…

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Anime Ending Song #1 from No. 6

Anime Ending Song #1 from No. 6

The song is 六等星の夜 ‘Rokutosei no Yoru’ (Night of Sixth Magnitude Stars) by Aimer.

Someone attempted to make an English cover of it. Based on its English translation. Click Here for the Lyrics and Full Translation.

Hearing this song throughout the dramatic scenes of ‘No.…

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Gaga outside of her apartment in New York City a few moments ago.

she looks like InuYasha